Restaurateur, owner of a restaurants chain «Probka Family», the host of Russian and Ukrainian TV show «Hell's kitchen» and the reality show «At swords' points».

This impressive man with the appearance of Mephistopheles manages a dozen of the most correct Italian restaurants in  two Russian capitals, hosts a popular cooking show «Hell's kitchen» and writes culinary books.

In 2001 Aram Mikhailovich became a restaurateur, opened the wine bar «Probka» Now he is the co-owner of facilities Il Grappolo, Ryba, RybabaR, Macaroni, Sadko, «Mozzarella Bar», Gusto, «Antrecot», Bar 812, «Ryba na dache» and he is even managing partner in St. Petersburg Bosco di Ciliegi.

Aram's very serious about what he was doing, whether it's restaurants or TV. Now he owns  five facilities in St.Petersburg, one of them - Il Grappolo is recognized as the best Italian restaurant in the city. At different times it was visited by Vladimir Putin, Valentina Matvienko, Sting, Mick Jagger, Paul Smith, Norman Foster and Meryl Streep and, of course, they were satisfied with the kitchen.

«Food is one of the important mean of communication. It’s usual. We assign one another meeting over a cup of coffee  and serious business issues are resolved during dinner in a good restaurant. Communication is confidential, if you share your meal with the person. Not by chance that one of the main sacred stories in the world culture is connected with the joint the evening meal. I repeat, food is one of the biggest pleasures in life».

In his Moscow restaurant «Probka na Tsvetnom» you can't smoke, lead guards and dogs, talking mobile, the naughty children are not welcome here as well as loud conversations at the tables. And that’s why there is no free places in the evening and on weekends. 

«My communication with restaurateurs as well as experiences from frequent trips to Italy and France made me think over opening my first wine bar -  «Probka» in St. Petersburg. Restaurant for me is a very personal space. People often think that restaurant is a public place, as the station where you can come to put a suitcase. No, restaurant is a private territory. It’s house with the owners and they have their own rules. If you accept these rules, you become a dear guest. If not, go to another place. Being engaged in the import of wine, I saw restaurants with backdoor - how they work, who governs. And I was surprised to find that there were little professionals. I decided to try myself in this case. People came to my restaurant, they liked it. But after some time I fell in cooking».

In 2010 the first cookbook was written by Aram Mnatsakanov - «Il Grappolo - history, recipes, travel». It tells the story of the first and the sign for the group restaurant, recipes from the menu and travel notes of the author. Recently Aram Mikhailovich presented his second book «Recipes of Aram Mnatsakanov. The most delicious routes of Europe».

In 2007 Aram Mnatsakanov became a knight of the order «For merits to the Italian Republic (they are marked by including people who are not citizens of Italy  for their contribution to the promotion of the Italian way of life). He is the first who received in Russia the prize of the Bay leaf (Award "Bay leaf" every year since 2004 notes with Laurel wreaths head of the best representatives of the restaurant industry).

«Hell-chief», a genius cook, a competent leader, owner of a restaurant chain with solar atmosphere and just a handsome man! It's all Aram Mnatsakanov!