Center of Family Upbringing of Elena and Maxim Bodikovy began it’s work in 2009 with the question: What is your family life differs from family life of others?

In 2008 Maksim and Elena graduated of the Belarusian State University on the specialty еpsychology and in 2009 they were married.

To the questions from friends about the peculiarities of family life of two psychologists Elena and Maxim were told that there were no peculiarities. But  they continued to clarify: «And how often do you swear? And what’s the reason? And what’s the way of condone? The first one asks for forgiveness?»

«We are familiar 10 years, 5 years during that time we never quarreled, we had mad love that would be possible to close eyes on the drawbacks of each other and meanwhile the love is between us. »

In 2011 the eldest daughter was born  and they were able to apply in practice the concept of education of children they told people.

In the period since 2011 to 2013 they had written a book about the upbringing and began to build the manual on the peculiarities of family life for the couple.

From September to May, 2013 they actively advised couples together. And were able to develop they style and approach to what to do. «We know exactly what and how we do and what it leads to. »

Since January to June, 2013 Elena and Maxim had helped 121 families and now they know exactly how and what to do to bring in family harmony and mutual understanding.

«Our global task is to make more Belarusian families are happy.

We need it ourselves due to my poor parents are able to grow only unfortunate children. And we want our children can create a family with responsible and happy people, which accurately represented what they want from family life and how to achieve it.»

But Elena and Maxim understood that only for two of them the task of maximum running will be difficult. That is why in July 2013 they decided to create a «Center of Family Upbringing»  in which could work other specialists.

«We work with couples on preparation for family life and are able to resolve issues that arise in the process of joint life of the spouses. We work with misunderstanding insults betrayals. Learn to speak the same language and be happy with each other.

We believe that the basic principles and values of our work accessible and understandable to the absolute majority and the success of our customers prove it.

The only thing we ask them is the desire to be happy in their family and effort to do this. Of course nothing will improve - the miracle will not happen.»

Today «Family education» is much more than it's working principles and the understanding of the mechanisms of happy family life which are not unique only for Elena and Maxim; they are equally successful work in pairs of 18-year-old lovers who are just going to step in family life and in families disappointed by this life of 50-year-olds with more than 25 years of experience of family life their children and grandchildren and a bunch of insults against each other.

Elena: «In my work I don't get scattered and don't do anything that I don't wonder what I don't feel professional.

I help with just a family psychology and family relationships. And it is interesting for me 24 hours a day.

I like to help other people and see the results of our work.

My clients become for me the closest people and I like to meet them in the city after the end of our work.»

Maxim: «The things I do it's not just a job, it is a way of life, my outlook and philosophy of life.

Experience and the private family life shows that what I use in practice is working.

The miracle will not happen - a happy family life  is a result of working on yourself and your relationships

I like to work with families and help them become happier.»